Tidens Krav,- is an artist run enterprise located in the last down town block of scruffiness; the final frontier of Oslo low-life, in the middle of Oslo high life. The name, Tidens Krav, is a language specific expression that translates into "Time's Demand", or more loosely into "Whatever required by the now". Not limited to tendencies, fads, or flings, nor by faith or karma, the requirement of the now, could be you exhibiting yourself in your own gallery, your friends exhibiting themselves in their gallery, or us exhibiting each other in our galleries – the requirement of the now could be whatever – whatever given the connotation: <<ok, that's happening...>>

Tidens Krav's governing principle is to operate internally under non-profit conditions, however, externally we employ a whole nother set of strategies, as outlined in The Newest Standard.

Tidens Krav is run by Mercedes Mühleisen, Anders Holen, Linda Lerseth, and Øyvind Aspen