A Deceptive Life

The Nostaligia of Post-Contemporary Potentiality of Gesture

Hubert Marécaille • Sverre Gullesen

Friday 6th of December 19:00
Opening speech with a cultural touch, by Sverre Gullesen at 21:30

Opening hours
Saturday 7th of December - Sunday 8th of December 13:00-17:00
Saturday 14th of December - Sunday 15th of December 13:00-17:00
Saturday 21st of December - Sunday 22nd of December 13:00-17:00
otherwise, by appointment.

This is Tidens Krav's fifth exhibition after introducing The Newest Standard.

By Hubert Marécaille

A deceptive life evokes solitude and isolation, revealing cruelty, causing disillusion and anxiety, disappointment and suffering, evoking a life deprived of narration, in the nostalgic, the melancholic, the martyr, the socialist, the imbecile, and in the pensive – but not in the exhibitionist.

Installation view of A Deceptive Life
The Imbicile
The Martyr
The Melancholic
The Nostalgic
The Pensive
The Socialist
Teaser from A Deceptive Life
The Exhibitionist – and the viewer, Holographic box

By Sverre Gullesen

Half bitter and half pleased with himself, the man enters the forces of collective harmony. There is no such thing as society, only an aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. The paradigm itself is looking for new ways of intervention to survive. The artist unions with the man through art. The artist looks at his generously mediocre monochrome. There is no such thing as the future, only time regarded to pass.

Opening speech with a cultural touch
Opening speech with a cultural touch
Cultural Platform
The Acknowledgement of the Image´s own Interest
Mediocre Monochrome #1
Mediocre Monochrome #2
Half Bitter / Half Pleased
Stump #1

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