Photographs needed for client
Hans Christian Skovholt

bauac 5 days ago

Hello Reiner,

I have gathered the needed models, but I have to schedule the shoot
tomorrow because it is raining today. Regarding video, yes, I'll be happy to do it. I can shoot in hi-def format.

me 5 days ago

Hi Bauac,

I understand about the weather, no problem – do it when you think
conditions are suitable. Great that you are able to do video! Thanks.

bauac 3 days ago

Sorry, I re-read my reply and it was not clear. what we did and was a
test shot…if its ok with you, we'll do the final shoot – then I will
send you the picture as well as the video.

that's what I meant.

the sun is already down when I receive your reply so we were not able to
do final shoot the same day.

so today, we will do the final shoot. this time, all models will wear
white tops and any dark color pants or shorts. so it will be easier to read.

and even if this is the final shoot. I'll do necessary adjustment until
you are happy with the result.

we're shoot about 5 hours from now ;)

 Thursday 10th of March 19:00

 Opening hours 
 Friday 11th - Sunday 13th of March 13:00-17:00 
 Friday 18th - Sunday 20th of March 13:00-17:00  
 HANS + CHRISTIAN + SKOVHOLT / HD video, 2011 / Innstallasjon 
 HANS + CHRISTIAN + SKOVHOLT / HD video, 2011 / Videoutdrag 
 Employee 1 - 3 / Interactive video sculpture, 2011 / Installation 
 Employee 1 - 3 / Interactive video sculpture, 2011 / Video excerpt