Trans panters manifesto
Synnøve G. Wetten
 Trans Panthers acts as light beams - behaving as waves and particles at the same time. 
  (Obscure Gender/ Steal the script - January 2011) 
  A selection of videos, photos, text material, posters, sound and a 
 live performance from the Trans Panthers archive will be presented by Synnøve G. Wetten.
 Thursday 20th January 19:00 (Performance at 20:30) 

 Opening hours 
 Friday 21st - sunday 23rd January 13:00 - 17:00 
 Friday 28th - sunday 30th January 13:00 - 17:00 
 Ideological Hacking / Videostill 
 Did you see the fire, baby? / Videostill 
 Trans Panthers archive 
 Trans Panthers vol. 2 
 Trans Panthers vol. 6/ Obscure gende r
 Preparations on a mutable manifesto / Video 
 Ritual Moon / Video